Q: What's happening to Axis 360? How do I get started with Libby for eBooks and eAudiobooks?

eBooks and eAudiobooks moving from Axis 360 to Libby

We are excited to announce we will be moving our eBooks and eAudiobooks to a new platform: Libby! You may already be familiar with Libby from our eMagazines or from other local libraries.

Here's what to expect:

During May 23-27, 2022

  • It's moving week! Download Libby and get ready for our collection to arrive. All you need is your current Library card!
  • Our eBook and eAudiobook collection will be unavailable for browsing or borrowing in Axis 360, Libby or the Web Catalog.
  • Existing checkouts will still be available through their due date, only via the Axis 360 app. If you log out of Axis 360, you will no longer be able to able to log back in.

By May 27, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Collection

Why are you changing from Axis 360?
In Spring 2021, a study to evaluate electronic content vendors for books and audiobooks determined that Libby from OverDrive was the optimum choice for our patrons and stakeholders, based on factors such as features, usability, customer support and value.

Does this affect the State Library of Kansas collection on cloudLibrary?
The State Library of Kansas will continue to offer its eBooks and eAudiobooks on cloudLibrary, and it will not be affected when our collection moves from Axis 360 to Libby. Kansas residents can get a Kansas Library eCard through our Library.

Why haven't you ordered the eBook/eAudiobook version of [certain book title]?
In order to prepare for the move to Libby, we've had to temporarily pause ordering new digital materials. No worries! We're keeping track of the latest and greatest and will add those titles after the rest of the collection has launched in Libby.

Why can’t I login to Axis 360?
Access to our titles must be disabled in Axis 360 before we can add them to Libby. Beginning May 23, attempting to login to our collection on the Axis 360 app or website may result in an error that your Library card is invalid or that your patron information cannot be found. Don’t worry, your Library card is still active! It won’t work with Axis 360 anymore, but you can sign into Libby.

[A certain title] was in Axis 360. Why isn’t it in Libby? 
We were able to move most but not all of our Axis 360 eBooks and eAudiobooks to Libby. In rare cases, a title wasn’t licensed for Libby, a publisher would not allow a title to be transferred, or a title expired out of our collection during the move. If you’d like to see a specific title added to our collection, please submit a suggestion for purchase

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Checkouts, Holds, and Lists

Will my checkouts transfer?
Active checkouts will not transfer to Libby, but you will be able to complete your checkout period in the Axis 360 app. Be sure your checked out titles have been downloaded on your device prior to May 23. Beginning May 23, if you log out of Axis 360, you will not be able to log back into the app or website.

Will my holds transfer? What about suspended holds?
Yes! All holds placed by April 14 will be transferred to Libby, if possible. Each title's holds list will retain your place in line based on when the hold was placed. After the move, simply login to Libby with the same Library card to manage your holds. Holds suspended in Axis 360 will transfer to Libby as active holds, so you may want to suspend your hold again.

Why can't I place [certain book title] on hold?
Beginning April 14, we need to temporarily pause new holds being placed in Axis 360 in order to rebuild those holds lists in Libby. In some cases, the "Place on Hold" button will still appear in the app, but this is a glitch and it will not work. After the move, you will be able to place new holds in Libby.

I had a title on hold in Axis 360, but it disappeared. Will I still get my hold?
Yes, we've kept track of your holds! As part of the moving process, some titles' hold queues unexpectedly expired early in Axis 360. Hold queues were restored, so you might also get your hold in Axis 360 before the move. Regardless, for all holds placed as of April 14, we have the necessary data to rebuild hold queues in Libby and retain your place in line. Holds should be visible in Libby by the end of our moving week, May 23-27.

What will happen to Axis 360 titles that I added to my shelves or lists in the Library catalog?
Axis 360 titles will remain on your shelves and lists in the Library catalog. Beginning May 23, you won't be able to check them out for Axis 360, but they will display a link to search for the title in other available formats such as the Libby eBook.

What will happen to my Axis 360 account?
After our Axis 360 collection is shut down, your account and data will be disabled. Any data retained is managed according to the Axis 360 Public Library Privacy Policy.

Why is a hold I checked out on Axis 360 also on hold for me in Libby?
All Axis 360 holds lists as of April 14 were copied to Libby, if possible. Between April 14 and May 23, holds in Axis 360 continued to be filled for those next in line, as usual. If one of your holds became available in Axis 360 and then again in Libby, you may cancel your hold in Libby to kindly let it go to the next person in line, or you can enjoy this lucky second chance to checkout your hold again! 

I had a hold on [a certain title] in Axis 360. I don’t see it on my account in Libby. What happened? 
Unfortunately, there were some titles that expired during the transition period and holds could not be copied over to Libby. We will re-purchase these in-demand titles once the collection is live in Libby, and you can place a new hold.   

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Using Libby

How do I get started with Libby?
From the Libby website or the Libby app (for iOS and Android), find Johnson County Library and add your Library card, then dive in! For more guidance, visit the Libby Help site for a variety of step-by-step instructions such as:

Do I use the same login information?
Login to Libby by adding your Library card number and PIN/password. If you don't have a Library card, here's how to get started.

If I'm already signed into Libby through another library, can I also use it for Johnson County Library's eBooks/eAudiobooks/eMagazines?
Yes! You can add multiple library cards to Libby so you can easily switch from one library's collection to another's. You will need to add your library card(s) to Libby on each device or web browser you want to use.

How do I sign out?
Remove your Library card from Libby or reset the app to remove your data from a specific device or web browser. These actions apply only to that device/browser, and you can always re-add your Library card to see your checkouts and holds again. See the Libby Help site instructions for signing out.

Is there a limit to how many eBooks/eAudiobooks I can check out or renew?
Like with Axis 360, in Libby you'll be able to check out up to 10 titles at a time – in any combination of eBooks and eAudiobooks. Magazines do not count against your 10-item limit. You'll be able to place up to 30 titles on hold at a time.

Is reading and listening to books in Libby the same as in Axis 360?
The reading and listening experiences are very similar. Libby allows you to customize the display of your eBooks in a number of ways such as font, font size, background color, etc. The audiobook player features bookmarks, variable playback speed, a sleep timer and more.

Is there a wish list in Libby?
In Libby you can create and customize tags to make a list of what you want to read, your favorites, what you've borrowed, and more. If you use Libby on multiple devices, you can sync tags, reading progress, and more.

Why does Libby track checkout history? Can I turn off that feature?
Libby automatically tracks your loans, holds, renewals, and returns to conveniently help you remember what titles you've read or where you left off in a series. Manage your timeline to filter, export, clear, or completely turn off your reading history on each device you use for Libby. Data in Libby is managed according to the OverDrive Privacy Policy.

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Kindle and Amazon Fire Compatibility

Can I read Library eBooks from Libby on Kindle?
Often, yes! Many eBooks on Libby are supported by Kindle. In Libby, you can specify if you prefer to read your books via Kindle or Libby. eBooks delivered to Kindle can be read on devices like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis as well as in the Kindle app. Learn more about reading with Kindle.

Will the Libby app ever be available on Kindle/Amazon Fire tablets?
Libby is not currently available to download from the Amazon Appstore. OverDrive, maker of Libby, has requested information and a timeline for approval from Amazon but has not yet received an update.

In the meantime, here are some options for Fire tablets:

  • Internet browser: Use the tablet's Silk browser to visit our Libby site. Explore the collection, access your shelf, and stream your checked out eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines. Older web browsers may not support Libby (learn more). If you have trouble accessing Libby through the Silk browser, use the Libby Support form to report the issue and get help, or switch to a compatible device.
  • Deliver to Kindle: On a different device, use our Libby site or the Libby app to check out and deliver eBooks via Kindle. Then on your Fire tablet, read your checkouts from the Kindle app.
  • OverDrive app: On your Fire tablet, download the legacy OverDrive app with instructions to get started. Eventually this app will be retired, and while we don't know how long it will still be around, for now it continues to be available from the Amazon Appstore until further notice.

Please note: While instructions for installing the Libby app may be offered by other online sources, those instructions and software are not authorized or supported by OverDrive or the Library. See the official instructions for getting started with Libby.

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Answered By: Hope H.