Q: How do I use the curbside holds service?

Johnson County Library is excited to offer a contactless Curbside Holds Pickup service at our Cedar Roe, Gardner, Leawood Pioneer, Oak Park and Spring Hill locations!

Here's how to use Curbside Holds Pickup:

  1. When you are notified your hold is ready, pull into a designated Curbside Pickup parking stall, or stand on the sidewalk by a designated walkup spot (Cedar Roe only).
  2. Text HOLD to the phone number on the sign.
  3. Follow the prompts, which will ask for your first and last name and library card number.
  4. A staff member will locate your holds, check them out to you, and bring the items out to the vehicle or the designated walkup spot (Cedar Roe only).

Our curbside pickup is a text-only service.

How do I use the Curbside Holds Pickup service?

First, place a hold at one of the participating locations. When you are notified it is ready, pull into a designated Curbside Pickup parking stall and text HOLD to the phone number on the sign (please note the phone number is different for each branch). Follow the prompts, which will ask for your first and last name and Library card number. A staff member will locate your hold(s) on the branch’s hold shelf, check it out to you, and bring the item(s) out to the vehicle.

What are the hours for this service?

Hours for Curbside Holds Pickup mirror branch hours, but the service will close 15 minutes before the branch closes to allow staff time to prepare the building for closing.

What happens to Curbside service in severe weather?

For staff safety and in accordance with Johnson County HR policy, Curbside Holds Pickup may be temporarily suspended during severe weather, including but not limited to heavy thunderstorms, snow and ice, and temperature advisories (heat and cold). If you initiate a pickup when the service is suspended, you will receive a text letting you know the service is unavailable. If the service will be suspended for a significant period of time, we will post a notification on our website and via social media (@jocolibrary).

How will I know which parking spaces are for Curbside pickup?

Curbside Holds Pickup parking spaces are designated with a blue and white Curbside Holds Pickup sign. We have also restriped the stalls and painted "Pickup Here" on the blacktop.

Can I only pick up holds with the service?

Yes, Curbside Holds Pickup is only for picking up available holds. We will not accept returns or donations. Items can be donated by contacting the Friends of Johnson County Library at book@friendsofjcl.org or 913-492-4791 to arrange a drop off appointment at our headquarters. Visit friendsofjcl.org to learn more about the types of materials you can donate and donation opportunities.

Is texting the only way I can use the service?

At this time text message is the only way to utilize Curbside Holds Pickup service. If you are unable to send or receive text messages, please use one of our three drive-thru windows at Blue Valley, Central Resource, Lenexa City Center and Monticello Libraries for contactless holds pickup.

Why can't I text in advance and have my materials ready when I arrive?

You must be present at the Library to use this service, as all Curbside Holds locations require a parking spot number to initiate pickup. The average transaction time is less than five minutes from start to finish, so if you were to be delayed for any reason, staff are unable to wait at the curb for you.

Is this a permanent service?

Because of the volume of positive feedback we have received from patrons, especially those with small children and mobility issues, Johnson County Library is planning to continue this service long-term in order to offer contactless holds pickup options in all quadrants of Johnson County.

Are you planning to expand Curbside Holds Pickup to additional branches?

We will continue to evaluate patron need at Johnson County Library branches that do not offer curbside or a drive-thru option. We welcome your feedback at jocolibrary.org/contact or 913-826-4600.


Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024     Views: 1266
Answered By: Courtney S.