Q: When I try to access some eLibrary and Research resources, I get an error message about redirects or connection issues. What should I do?

If you usually access our eLibrary and online Research resources from outside the library, occasionally your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.) may get stuck in a redirect loop or have trouble connecting to our resources.

How to solve it

Typically you can solve this issue by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. For instructions, look in the "Help" section of your web browser's menu or find guidance online, such as these guides for how to Clear Your Cache, Cookies, and History from WhatIsMyBrowser.com.

Note: Deleting cookies will require you to re-login to any websites that you're currently logged into through that web browser.

If the issue continues after following those steps, please contact us with this information:

  • Resource(s) you're attempting to access
  • Web browser version (one option is WhatIsMyBrowser.com for a quick check)
  • Steps you've taken that lead up to the error
  • The exact error message that displays

Why this happens

If you access our online resources from outside the library, you are asked to login with your Library account details. In many cases, this creates a "cookie" that your browser uses to tell the resource that you are a valid Johnson County Library patron and allows you to access it. It's like a ticket for admission.

Just like admission tickets, eventually that cookie will expire, prompting you to login for a new session, but the old cookies are still saved in your browser. Sometimes data from previous sessions interferes with new logins, getting the browser stuck in a loop or failing to securely connect as it tries to get a valid ticket. By clearing the cache and cookies from your browser, it deletes the old expired data so the browser only uses the newest login data when trying to access a Library resource.

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Answered By: Hope H.