Q: The Axis 360 app isn't working on my Fire tablet. What should I do?

The Axis 360 app is compatible with some versions of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet but not others. For details about which Fire devices are compatible, see the Kindle Fire Device Compatibility information from the Axis 360 Help site.

Older Fire tablets can still access the Axis 360 website through the device's web browser. Open your web browser and go to jocolibrary.org/ebooks to access Axis 360 and get started. For additional guidance, read our step-by-step guide for Axis 360 eBooks in web browsers or see video tutorials for using Axis 360 Read Now on the web.

Resolved Known Issue

June 2021: Some Fire tablets encountered issues accessing titles. Users saw error messages such as, "Internal Server Error," or get stalled loading with a continuously spinning wheel when attempting to download or open a book. This was fixed in an app updated released as of June 14.

If you have installed the latest version of the app and still encounter an error, we will report it to Axis 360 Support. Please contact us with:

  • your Library card number
  • error message and description of the problem
  • Fire tablet model (See Amazon's Which Fire tablet do I have?)
  • Axis 360 release version number (found in the menu in the About section)
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Answered By: Hope H.