Q: The title I checked out in Axis 360 does not appear in my Checkouts list. How do I get to it?

Known Issue

April 2021: In some cases a checked out title occasionally fails to appear in the Checkouts list in the Axis 360 mobile app. For example, you might have 4 titles checked out but only 3 display. Axis 360 is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it promptly.

If you encounter this error, we will report it to Axis 360 Support. Please contact us with:

  • your Library card number
  • missing title(s)
  • type of device and operating system (for example, iPhone 11 running iOS 14) 

Meanwhile, potential temporary solutions:

  • Change the layout: Sometimes the book will appear by changing the layout of the screen using the icon near the top right, which will toggle between a list view and a grid view.
    On the Checkouts screen, use the icon near the top right to toggle the layout.
  • Access the book in the web browser: On your device, open your web browser and go to our Axis 360 website at https://jocolib.axis360.baker-taylor.com. From there you can login, go to your checkouts, and open the book online.
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Answered By: Hope H.