Q: What's happening to RBdigital? Are there changes coming to Zinio eMagazines, streaming video, and other services through RBdigital?

Changes to RBdigital

In 2020, the library vendors Recorded Books and OverDrive came under the same parent company, and OverDrive acquired the digital library portion of Recorded Books/RBmedia's business known as RBdigital. Much of the content on the RBdigital websites and apps will migrate to OverDrive's platforms, with the intent to eventually retire the RBdigital system.

Johnson County Library has used RBdigital to provide eMagazines, LawDepot, and various streaming video services. Our patrons also have access to the State Library of Kansas collection, which did offer eAudiobooks on RBdigital. Some content has already been migrated out of RBdigital, and the remainder will transition to a new platform in phases throughout 2021.

Learn more about changes to each of these services:

eAudiobooks from RBdigital 

The State Library of Kansas eAudiobook collection moved from RBdigital to cloudLibrary on December 2, 2020. learn more about accessing these eAudiobooks on cloudLibrary.

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eMagazines from RBdigital

RBdigital is no longer supporting magazines. We now offer eMagazines on Libby as of April 1, 2021. Bdigital and Zinio (the digital magazine supplier) may contact registered users by email about this change, and alerts are posted on RBdigital's website and app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are eMagazines moving from RBdigital to Libby?
OverDrive, the company who makes Libby, acquired the digital library portion of Recorded Books/RBmedia's business known as RBdigital. Throughout 2021, content is gradually being transferred out of the RBdigital platform, and the RBdigital website and app will eventually be retired. The eMagazines on RBdigital were provided by Zinio, a consumer-facing digital magazine supplier, and OverDrive made an arrangement to support Zinio magazines on its Libby platform so libraries can continue subscribing to these eMagazine titles.

Do I use the same login information?
Login to Libby by adding your Library card number and PIN/password. Do not use the email address and password that you created for RBdigital, as it will not work for Libby.

If I'm already signed into Libby through another library, can I also use it for Johnson County Library's eMagazines?
Yes! You can add multiple library cards to Libby so you can easily switch from one library's collection to another's. You will need to add your library card(s) to Libby on each device or web browser you want to use.

How do I sign out?
Remove your Library card from Libby or reset the app to remove your data from a specific device or web browser. These actions apply only to that device/browser, and you can always re-add your Library card to see your checkouts and holds again. See the Libby Help site instructions for signing out »

Will checkouts transfer? Can I access my past eMagazine checkouts?
Past checkouts did not transfer to Libby, but all eMagazine issues you checked out through RBdigital can still be accessed through Zinio's consumer-facing site Zinio.com or the Zinio app. Simply register for a new Zinio account using the email address you use for RBdigital. Please note Zinio also uses this website to sell access to magazines, but anything checked out will remain freely accessible to you in the "My Library" section of your Zinio account, no purchase necessary.

How long can I keep eMagazines checked out on Libby?
The eMagazines on Libby are checked out for 21 days, and they can be renewed or checked out again an unlimited number of times while the issue remains in the collection.

Is there a limit to how many eMagazines I can check out or renew? Are there limits on any titles?
Enjoy unlimited checkouts and renewals on all magazines in Libby! There are no limits on individual titles, so all titles and back issues are always available for checkout. Borrow as many as you'd like and continue to borrow and re-borrow your favorite issues.

Does Libby have the same eMagazine titles as RBdigital?
The majority of the collection remains the same because the magazines are supplied by Zinio, the same digital magazine company that provided magazines to RBdigital. Libby supports over 3000 magazines with a rolling 3 years of back issues, where available. Back issues older than 3 years are automatically removed from the collection.

Is reading eMagazines in Libby the same as in RBdigital?
The reading experience is very similar. Libby provides a thumbnail view of all pages, a full 1-page or 2-page spread view, and an article view that allows you to adjust certain display features. Libby does not currently have text-to-speech for articles, but this feature is under consideration. Libby does not plan to support automatic checkout of new magazine issues, but you can sign up to be notified when new issues of your magazines are available.

Will you be offering any eBooks, eAudiobooks, or other content on Libby?
Only our eMagazines are on Libby at this time. In late 2020 we gathered a variety of community input about what was most important in an eBook/eAudiobook platform, and in 2021 we are in discussions with key vendors who provide these platforms to learn how they can best meet our community's priorities. We love that our eLibrary has a prominent role in so many facets of library service and community life, and we are eagerly and diligently planning to meet the diverse needs asked of our eBook/eAudiobook platform. Stay tuned for more details later in the year.

How do I get started with Libby?
From the Libby website or the Libby app (for iOS and Android), find Johnson County Library and add your Library card, then dive in!

For more guidance, watch a tutorial of magazines in Libby (4-minute video) and visit the Libby Help site for a variety of step-by-step instructions such as:

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Acorn TV from RBdigital

The streaming video service Acorn TV will be available via RBdigital through May 14, 2021, at which point our access will be discontinued. As more details become available, they will be posted in this FAQ, the Library's Streaming Video page, and on the RBdigital app and website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will the Library stop offering Acorn TV?
We love Acorn TV and are disappointed by this news too! Acorn TV has decided to stop offering 7-day streaming passes to libraries, and currently no alternative is available to us. Up to this point, our access has been made available through RBdigital, which was acquired by the company OverDrive. OverDrive has shared that it is in discussions with Acorn about alternative ways to bring this streaming content to libraries through their own platform. No timeline has been announced, so we eagerly await additional details.

What happens if I check out an Acorn TV pass less than 7 days before Acorn is removed from RBdigital?
If you have an active 7-day pass as of May 14, you will continue to have access to the Acorn TV website and apps for the full time remaining on your pass until it expires. No additional passes will be available through RBdigital.

Is there another way to access Acorn TV?
Acorn TV is discontinuing its streaming access to libraries, but we invite you to explore our extensive DVD collection, which includes many Acorn TV favorites, free to check out with your Library card from your local branch. Individuals may choose to subscribe to their own personal Acorn TV streaming membership at their own expense at https://store.acorn.tv

Will the Library consider offering Acorn TV again in the future?
The Library is eager to resume providing streaming access to this popular Acorn TV content if feasible, should Acorn TV make it available to libraries again.

What happens to my Acorn TV account I created through RBdigital?
At this time, you may still log into the Acorn TV website and apps using the email address you used for RBdigital and the password you created for the associated Acorn TV account. If you wish to delete your Acorn TV account, contact support@acorn.tv.

What other ways can I access British TV and film?
Check out our extensive DVD collection, which includes hundreds of Acorn TV favorites. For streaming, check out Kanopy and IndieFlix for a wide variety of films and series from the U.S., Great Britain, and around the world.

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IndieFlix from RBdigital

The streaming video service IndieFlix is currently still accessible via RBdigital. Changes in access are expected to come in late Spring 2021. More details will be posted as they become available.

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Learn It Live from RBdigital

Learn It Live is currently still accessible via RBdigital. Changes in access are expected to come in late Spring 2021. More details will be posted as they become available.

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LawDepot legal forms from RBdigital

LawDepot Legal Forms are currently still accessible via RBdigital. Changes in access are expected to come in late Spring 2021. More details will be posted as they become available.

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Answered By: Hope H.