Q: Does the library provide digital access to the Kansas City Star online? What’s the difference between the Kansas City Star’s eEdition and the Library’s Kansas City Star Image Edition?

Johnson County Library provides access to the Kansas City Star Image Edition online through NewsBank. This is a database website available from any of our Library locations or remotely with your Library card. The Library does not provide subscriber-level access to the Kansas City Star’s mobile app or website kansascity.com.

The Kansas City Star packages its digital content in different ways for individuals versus for libraries, and the similar terms can be confusing. Here’s a distinction:

  • eEdition: This is a digital image replica of the print newspaper plus bonus content not always included in the physical print version. Individual customers with a Digital Access subscription can read the eEdition and other subscriber-exclusive content directly through the KC Star website and mobile app, and Library patrons can access a limited version of the eEdition through the KC Star Image Edition.
  • Digital Access Subscription: This provides subscriber-exclusive access to the KC Star website (kansascity.com), mobile app, and eEdition. The KC Star does not offer Digital Access subscriptions for libraries, only for individual customers.
  • Image Edition: Much like the KC Star's eEdition, this is a digital image replica of the print newspaper plus bonus content. It's accessed through a NewsBank database for library patrons, which you can find on our Library's website. It does not provide subscriber-exclusive access to the KC Star website or mobile app, but it does include eEdition content with some limitations.


  • In the Image Edition, you might see instructions for how to access and use the eEdition reader. This can be ignored, it does not apply to the Library's Image Edition. Instead continue to use the NewsBank website to navigate the newspaper.
  • The bonus eEdition content is located in the Z sections of the Image Edition. This is the same "Extra Extra" and "Xtra" eEdition coverage that individual Digital Access subscribers find at kansascity.com/eedition, except that any links to additional subscriber-exclusive content on the KC Star website have been removed.

Screenshot of KC Star front page ad for eEdition version of newspaper

Screenshot of KC Star eEdition in section Z of the online version

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Answered By: Hope H.