Q: How do I download an Axis 360 title as an ePUB file?

ePUB file format

Axis 360 eBook checkouts can be downloaded as an Adobe ePUB file for use in Adobe Digital Editions and other programs that support digital rights management (DRM) in Adobe ePUB format. In some cases, these files can then be transferred (or "sideloaded") from Adobe Digital Editions on a computer to a secondary eReader device. 

See our step-by-step guides for eBooks from Axis 360 or visit the Axis 360 Help Site for more information on using the ePUB format.

Known Issue

January 2021: Using the Chrome web browser to download the ePUB format fails. No file is downloaded, so there is no way to open the book into Adobe Digital Editions. Axis 360 is investigating a fix. In the meantime, using a different browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Edge will successfully download and open the .acsm file, which retrieves the ePUB file.

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Answered By: Hope H.