Q: Can I play Kanopy films by sharing my screen through videoconferencing tools like Zoom?

In order to comply with the public performance rights (PPR) associated with the videos on Kanopy, each viewer must log in through Johnson County Library to verify they are an “authorized viewer” of the Library’s Kanopy subscription.

Virtual broadcasts (such as screen sharing through videoconferencing tools like Zoom) to groups that are not accessing Kanopy individually would not be allowed by PPR. Many films on Kanopy are encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to prevent unauthorized viewing, such as the screen to going black when films are screen-shared through tools like Zoom.

For a virtual group screening, each user can log in on their own device. Many groups are watching films on their own, and then getting together for a virtual discussion or Q&A afterwards. Hopefully this is a possibility for you!

More information about the Kanopy service, collection, and troubleshooting is on the Kanopy Support site.

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2022     Views: 2091
Answered By: Hope H.