Q: Why is Acorn TV asking for payment or indicating, "This service is temporarily unavailable," when I try to check out access from RBdigital?

If you successfully check out a 7-day pass for Acorn TV via our RBdigital collection, it usually redirects you to the Acorn TV website and automatically signs you in on that device. However, if it fails to automatically sign in, it will present a paywall (asking for payment for a subscription or suggesting a free trial) when you attempt to stream content.

You can manually sign into the Acorn TV website or app from various devices. Simply sign in with the email address used for your RBdigital account and the associated password.

Resolved Known Issues

  • Resolved July 15, 2020: After checking out Acorn TV access via RBdigital, upon being redirected to Acorn TV, patrons were prompted to login again or to start a free trial. If you encounter this error now, please contact us with the email for your account and the specific error message or description of the behavior occurring. As a temporary workaround, try checking out an 7-day pass, then login directly to Acorn TV with your RBdigital email address and password to stream content.
  • Resolved July 14, 2020: Patrons were unable to check out access to Acorn TV through the RBdigital website or app, resulting in the error, "This service is temporarily in accessible. Please try again later." If you are encountering this error now, try refreshing the RBdigital website or clearing the cache in your web browser or RBdigital app. If the issue persists, please contact us with the email for your account and the specific error message or description of the behavior occurring.  
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Answered By: Hope H.