Q: The Axis 360 app says, "Error. We are unable to deregister your device at this time." What should I do?

When you no longer want to use the Axis 360 app on a particular device, you can "deregister" that device so that it will not count toward your device limits for accessing checked out titles. Don't worry, all of your checkouts, holds, and wishlist items will remain on your Axis 360 account for the next time you login to the Axis 360 website or app. Deregistering just removes your downloads and registered active session from that particular device.

Known issue

Axis 360 is investigating a known issue with the "deregister" feature that prevents it from working. Users instead see an error such as, "We are unable to deregister your device at this time. Please try again later."

If this happens, we will request Axis 360 Support to reset your device limit, which will deregister the device. Please contact us with the following information:

  • Library card number
  • Error message displayed


Last Updated: Jun 12, 2020     Views: 9
Answered By: Hope H.