Q: Why does Axis 360 show the error, "Maximum Number of Devices Reached" when I try to open my eBook?

Regular limits by title

Publishers limit how many devices (sometimes called "active sessions") can simultaneously have access to a checked out title, and that limit varies depending on the title. When attempting to open an eBook on more devices than the limit allows, an error will appear, such as: "Invalid Device Operation: Maximum Number of Devices Reached." 

To learn more about what counts toward the device limit and how to have it reset, see our FAQ: Is there a limit to how many devices I can use for Axis 360? 

Known issue

Axis 360 is investigating a known issue where some titles for certain publishers falsely produce this error. This might sound familiar if you only read your eBooks on one device but suddenly can't open a particular book. If you get a device limit error, we will report it to the Axis 360 Support Team to resolve. Please contact us with this information:

  • Library card number
  • Title of book
  • Error message displayed
  • Device, app and/or web browser used
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2020     Views: 31
Answered By: Hope H.