Q: I signed into Udemy. Why does it indicate there is a fee for these courses?

The Library offers access specifically to Udemy, presented by Gale. You should never be asked to pay for a course when you access Udemy through the Library, which will ask you to sign in through Gale. If it shows a cost for a course, it’s possible you signed in directly to the Udemy.com website or mobile app intended for individual consumers.

If this happens, log out. Then simply follow the instructions on our website to access Udemy courses from the Library website or the Udemy Business app to enjoy thousands of courses free of charge!

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Udemy has been in the consumer market since 2010 but is new to libraries. They have partnered with Gale, a well-respected library content provider, to adapt their product to meet library needs. This is a work in progress. Gale and Udemy are fine-tuning their systems based on feedback from library users, and the Library is providing access to this product now for our patrons who would like to explore Udemy content immediately and shape its future in libraries. If you would like to share your thoughts, contact us.


Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024     Views: 309
Answered By: Hope H.