Q: Why do some online resources such as Udemy require users to be 13 or older?

In most states, minors do not have legal capacity to enter a contract, such as Terms of Use, and if they do enter it, the contract is voidable. Age requirements are also a way for online services to comply with laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which put parents in control of information collected online from children under age 13.

As with all parts of the Library collection, parents/legal guardians are responsible for their children’s accounts and their selection of eLibrary content, which they consent to in the Library card application. Neither the Library nor these service providers censor content, not even based on age or audience. We recommend all users familiarize themselves with the Terms of Use of any service they use, and we encourage parents/legal guardians to engage in the selection of online learning services their children access.

Specifically for Udemy, presented by Gale, the vendors are actively working on additional options for parents and legal guardians to provide consent on behalf of children under 18. In the meantime, parents/legal guardians are welcome to create their own Udemy account and choose to let their children use that account. These measures also ensure that Gale and Udemy continue to comply with applicable legal requirements for online services.

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2022     Views: 103
Answered By: Hope H.