Q: Why does the Axis 360 app say I have no items checked out, on hold, or in my wishlist?

I think I should have titles in my CheckoutOn Hold, and/or Wishlist sections of My Stuff in the Axis 360 app, but nothing appears.

Some patrons using the Axis 360 app have encountered unexpectedly empty lists in the My Stuff section of the Axis 360 app. In most cases a long list of titles on hold or on the wishlist takes a long time to load in the My Stuff section and eventually times out. You may see a message like, "No Items in On Hold" or "Retry" or just a blank page. 

The Axis 360 development team is investigating this issue. If you notice your titles fail to display in the My Stuff section of the Axis 360 app, please contact us to let us know the device you're using and describe your experience. We will report this to Axis 360 Support so their developers have more information to resolve this issue promptly.

In the meantime, here are a few temporary workarounds you can use to continuing enjoying your titles in Axis 360:

  • Search for the title using the search tool, then select it from the results. From this page you can read, listen, or check out, and you can also manage your hold and wishlist here.
  • Login to the Axis 360 website to access your titles right from your mobile browser. Once you're logged in, go to My Stuff as you would in the app.
  • Remove titles from your holds or wishlist to reduce the loading time. As an alternative to the Axis 360 Wishlist, you can also keep track of digital titles you'd like to check out later in our main catalog using the "For Later" shelf.
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2020     Views: 195
Answered By: Hope H.