Q: Opening a title in Axis 360 results in an "Unexpected Error" and the app gets stuck. What should I do?

If you try to open a checked out title in Axis 360 and instead of opening your book it gives you an "Unexpected Error" message, here are a few things you can try:

  • If your device allows you to go back, navigate to My Stuff and Checkouts to try accessing it again.
  • If the error occurs on the Continue Reading screen that appears when you first open the app, instead of accessing the book on this screen, try navigating directly to My Stuff and the Checkouts section to access the book.
  • If the app seems frozen, you may need to manually force it to close. (Here are some tips for how to close apps on iOS devices and on Android devices, but the method for your specific device may vary.)
  • If possible, clear the cache for the Axis 360 app. (You can usually find this in your device's Settings under Apps.)
  • Clear the data for the Axis 360 app; this will forget any bookmarks/progress you may have. (You can usually find this in your device's Settings under Apps.)
  • Make sure you have the most current version of the app installed; if in doubt, you can uninstall and re-install the app. 

Axis 360 is actively investigating this glitch so they can resolve it. If you are comfortable doing so, contact us with information about your device (model, operating system version) and the steps you take that lead to the error message. We will share this with Axis 360 Support to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2020     Views: 74
Answered By: Hope H.