Q: Can I play Kanopy films at an event?

Does the streaming video content on Kanopy have Public Performance Rights?

The majority of films on Kanopy have Public Performance Rights (PPR), and eligible films display a PPR icon on the details page. Films without this icon cannot be used for group programming.

Kanopy PPR symbol for Public Performance Rights

According to Kanopy:

You can screen films that have PPR in any group programming that doesn't charge admission. These rights extend to the film title and any images from our website that you want to use to advertise the screening, as long as source credit is given to Kanopy. [...] If you'd like to hold a virtual screening, viewers need to log in to Kanopy individually so that their library membership can be verified. Instead, you may want to consider watching the movie separately, then meeting up for virtual Q&A or discussion.

The PPR icon displays next to a video's runtime, below the Play button. You can also find films with PPR by entering a search term and then filtering results to show only those with PPR available. When in doubt, contact Kanopy directly to confirm if a specific video is eligible to be played in a group setting.

Kanopy Public Performance Rights indicator


Kanopy Public Performance Rights search filter


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Answered By: Hope H.