Q: Can I play Kanopy films at an event?

Does the streaming video content on Kanopy have Public Performance Rights?

The majority of films on Kanopy have Public Performance Rights. According to Kanopy: Viewing films in a group forum is permitted for all films for classroom viewings and most films for non-classroom group settings as long as the viewing is by authorized viewers [library patrons] and it is not for commercial benefit (i.e. no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening).

Eligible films are marked with a PPR symbol in the detailed description. (You may need to use the "show more" option to see the full details.) You can always contact Kanopy directly to confirm if a specific film is available for a showing to a group forum.

Kanopy PPR symbol for Public Performance Rights


Kanopy's Public Performance Rights indicator is located in the video description.

The Kanopy PPR indicator will appear in a film's full description.

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Answered By: Hope H.