Q: What's happening with Lynda.com?

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What’s happening with Lynda.com?
In 2019 LinkedIn (parent company of Lynda.com) announced that the Lynda.com platform will be shutting down, and the Lynda content is migrating to the LinkedIn Learning platform, a paid service through LinkedIn. After December 31, we will no longer offer this eResource. Johnson County Library is committed to providing online courses for patrons and we are currently investigating alternative services. Keep an eye on our eLearning page and stay tuned for more details!

Why is this eResource going away?
In 2019 LinkedIn (parent company of Lynda.com) announced that it will discontinue the Lynda.com platform after December 31, 2019. The new LinkedIn Learning option designed for libraries has considerable changes to the terms of use and currently does not fully align with JCL policies and values of ensuring access and privacy. Many libraries have been warning LinkedIn that its new policies violate core library values, but so far LinkedIn remains unwilling to modify its platform to address these concerns. JCL is working to offer alternative eLearning resources that ensure patron access and privacy.

What Johnson County Library values conflict with the LinkedIn Learning option?
Access to information is ensured: JCL strives to ensure access to information for people of all ages, abilities and means, but LinkedIn restricts access to users age 16 and older. Users 15 and under are prohibited from using the service, according to the LinkedIn Learning terms.

Privacy and confidentiality are rights: JCL safeguards each patron right to request and obtain information in confidence, and each person can choose to make their Library usage public. In contrast, for LinkedIn Learning each patron is required to have a LinkedIn account, and when registering for LinkedIn, all account settings default to permit user information to be publicly visible to other LinkedIn user accounts, third parties and search engines, as well as allowing additional marketing emails.

LinkedIn does allow users to change account settings from the defaults, but it is up to each user to take extra action to establish privacy by opting out. Hidden LinkedIn user accounts still remain in the LinkedIn network. You can learn more about LinkedIn privacy settings at https://privacy.linkedin.com as well as recommendations from Consumer Reports for managing LinkedIn privacy settings.

We recognize that integrating LinkedIn with online learning is desirable for some users. Ultimately JCL is advocating for all of its patrons to have a baseline of privacy by default with the option to opt-in for that LinkedIn integration.

Do you have a replacement coming?
Yes, JCL is committed to finding an alternative resource that will provide self-paced, video-based online learning for our whole community. We’ll keep you posted on details on our eLearning page.

I love Lynda.com! I want to keep using the Lynda courses myself on LinkedIn Learning. How do I sign up?
Lynda.com is moving to the LinkedIn Learning platform. In order to access, you’ll need a LinkedIn account to sign up for LinkedIn Learning, a paid service. Fees apply, and you must be 16 or older to sign up. Please note that LinkedIn defaults to permit user information to be publicly visible to other LinkedIn user accounts, third parties and search engines, as well as allowing additional marketing emails. You can make changes to your LinkedIn privacy settings.

If I sign up for LinkedIn Learning on my own, will my Lynda.com learning history through the library transfer to a personal LinkedIn Learning account?
LinkedIn does not currently offer a way for users to transfer their learning histories from the Library subscription to individual consumer subscriptions. If you have your own consumer account on Lynda.com, you can bring your learning history into LinkedIn Learning through a tool available in the LinkedIn Learning Settings menu.

Where can I stay up-to-date on the Library's online learning options?
Visit the eLearning section of our website to explore a wide variety of options for online learning and discover what's new!

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Answered By: Hope H.