Q: Why do Axis 360 eBooks work on some devices but not others?

Publishers often require that their eBooks must be protected with digital rights management (DRM) to prevent copyrighted material from being unlawfully copied and distributed. For eBooks licensed for libraries to lend to patrons, DRM is what allows only one library patron at a time to "check out" a copy of that eBook file for a specific time period. 

Axis 360 applies these DRM permissions with their own file format, managed directly in the Axis 360 app or in any web browser through our Axis 360 website. Devices with recent versions of the iOS or Android operating systems (including Amazon Fire tablets, which have an operating system based on Android) will work just fine with the Axis 360 app, which you can find in the devices' app stores.

Axis 360 eBooks are also provided in Adobe DRM-protected ePUB and PDF file formats, managed through the Adobe Digital Editions desktop program you can download to your computer. When you check out an eBook through Axis 360, you automatically get access to both the Axis 360 format and the ePUB or PDF format of that title. You can read these DRM-protected files on your computer and/or transfer them to various compatible devices. To learn how, see our step-by-step guide for Axis 360 eBooks for e-Ink Devices – via Sideloading.

Amazon Kindle e-readers (which differ from the Android-based Amazon Fire tablets) use their own proprietary file format to manage DRM, and Amazon has not allowed Axis 360 to use that format. Learn more about Axis 360 compatibility with Amazon and e-Ink devices.

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019     Views: 89
Answered By: Hope H.