Q: Is there a limit to how many devices I can use for Axis 360?

I tried to open my eBook and got the message, "Maximum number of devices reached." What should I do?

Yes, there are device limits. If you reach your limit, contact us.

If you are using Axis 360 and see a message about reaching a device limit, let us know and we'll reach out to the Axis 360 Support Team to reset your list of registered devices. We just need this information from you:

  • Library card number
  • Title of book
  • Device, app and/or web browser


What are the limits?

There are actually two types of limits that are in effect at the same time but operate separately from each other: 

  1. You can be signed into the app on up to 6 devices.
    This limit allows you the flexibility to stay signed into the Axis 360 app on multiple devices at one time so you can easily read/listen from one device to the next, while it also deters other people from accessing your account on their devices.

    If you no longer want to use the Axis 360 app on a particular device, you can "deregister" that device from your account. See Axis 360's instructions to deregister your device »
  2. You can usually open a given title on up to 3-5 devices, but varies by title.
    This limit is solely based on rights granted by the publisher for that title. Some publishers only allow particular titles to be opened on one device, but usually they allow more. A web browser can count as a device if you're using the "Read Now" option to read the book from the Axis 360 website rather than via the Axis 360 app.


What counts as a device?

For the Axis 360 app: Each computer, tablet and smartphone you sign into registers as one device associated with your Library account.

For "Read Now" or "Listen Now" on the Axis 360 website: Each different web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you use also registers as one "device" even if you use them all on one computer.


Why is there a limit?

Publishers apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) to their eBooks and eAudiobooks to prevent the electronic files from being freely copied and distributed, and the Library pays for each individual electronic copy of a title in our eLibrary. Publishers require content providers like Axis 360 to place limits in their apps and websites so Library patrons will not over-share their access beyond their individual privileges.


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Answered By: Hope H.