Q: Why does the Axis 360 app ask for permission to access my device's Contacts, Phone, and Storage?

The Axis 360 app is designed to use only the information necessary to function as expected. Here is how the Axis 360 developers explain those permissions:

  • Contacts: The "Accounts" function is stored under the "Contacts" permission. This permission is needed because the app creates an account on the device. It does not use address book contacts.
  • Phone: The permission called “Phone” includes access to the cellular and wifi connections so you can browse, stream, and download content. The app does not use the dialer part of the "Phone" permission.
  • Storage: The "Storage" permission lets the app access and store the eBook/eAudiobook files on your device so you can read and/or listen to the content you check out.

Baker & Taylor, maker of the Axis 360 app, takes patron privacy seriously, and their policy can be found at http://jocolib.axis360.baker-taylor.com/Terms?type=privacy. Baker & Taylor is working with app stores to provide a way to clearly explain what specific permissions being asked for and how they are used on your device.

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2018     Views: 690
Answered By: Hope H.