Q: I've reserved the Carmack Community Room and need a projector and screen for my presentation. Can you give me details about the AV?

The Carmack Community Room has two large projection screens and two display monitors.  The room is long and narrow and the two projection screens make it easy for the audience to see wherever they are seated.  The two display monitors are on the opposite wall from the screens and allow the presenter to see what the audience is viewing without the presenter having to crane their neck around.  Both screens and monitors will display the exact same thing that is displayed on your laptop screen.  

You will need to bring in a laptop. The library does not provide one for you. We have an HDMI cable and a VGA cable for you to use.   We also have various adapters for checkout with your library card at the front desk.  If your device needs an adapter we cannot guarantee that we will have the one you need.  There are so many different kinds of devices!  You may need to bring in your own adapter to work with our cables.

We have two stationary microphones that plug into the floor and you can set them on the podium or a table.  We also have two handheld mics that are great for a wandering presenter or to pass around the audience for a question/answer time.

When you check in for your event, staff will set out the mics and cables and lower the screens for you but you'll need to take it from there.  

If you have an important event, it is a good idea to reserve some time before your big day to make sure you are comfortable with the technology and to make sure your device can connect to our system.

Enjoy the room!

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Answered By: Melody Kinnamon