Q: I'm having trouble paying my fees online. I keep getting an "transaction failed. -1" message.

Our www.jocolibrary.org/onlinebillpay website is pretty picky when it comes to entering in your information. Here are some tips we've discovered to help with the process:

• If you use any auto-fill form features of web browsers, review each field in detail; your information is likely correct, but how the form wants the information entered is usually the issue. One that usually gets tripped up is the expiration date field because the exact formatting is different from other websites

• Make sure Pay All, or the individual bills you wish to pay are check marked at the top

• The name field is notoriously picky; it has to be an exact match on the card. If your middle initial is on your card and you do not type it in, it won't accept the payment. The name you enter into the form must exactly match the name on the card.

• Expiration date has to be in XX/XX format. 2/22 won't work, it must be 02/22.

• 3 digit code is just the 3 digit code on the back. Some cards have the last 4 numbers of the credit card and the 3 digit code.

If those options still don't solve the problem, you're welcome to come in and pay your fines and fees in person, or mail a check with your library card number in the memo field to Johnson County Library, Attn: CRL Circulation, PO Box 2933, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-1333.

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