Q: How can I view the traditional print version of Value Line now that it is only available online.

Select Value Line from our Business Research page.

Once you've logged into Value Line using your library card and PIN, select the Dashboard and look at the Quick Link box on the right-hand side.  There you can select the PDF version of the reports which will display just like the traditional print view. 

If you want back issues of any of the reports pull up any stock (ex. MSFT) in Browse Research;

At the PDF Reports link click and choose View more from the dropdown menu;

On the right side where Company is displayed, click on the drop down the menu and select Summary and Index  (or whatever report you want) and hit Go;

The PDFs underneath will change to reflect the prior issues of the S&I.

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017     Views: 60
Answered By: Melody Kinnamon