Q: Why was there no New York Times for several months in 1978?

There are not images of the papers for these dates for the New York Times: 8/10/78 - 11/5/78.

On the microfilm typed copies of the news stories during the time frame appears, but there are no pictures. This is because of an 88-day strike against New York City's three major newspapers in 1978.

The following was found at the beginning of a roll of film (please note that not all rolls affected by this strike have this notice at the beginning): The Times was not published from August 10, 1978 to November 5, 1978, inclusive.

In order for the publisher to maintain as nearly complete a record of the news as possible during the strike period, all NYT material sent over the New York Times News Service wires (except recipes) has been abstracted and indexed for The Information Bank and the printed New York Times Index, and has been filmed for the roll microfilm edition of The Times and for the microfiche of the Information Bank.

In addition, selections from the Associated Press "A" and financial wires (made available through the courtesy of the AP), Terry Robard's Business Round-Up, and additional Times editorials, transcribed from WQXR broadcasts, have been processed in the same manner.

All this material bears the date of publication and is being numbered consecutively within each date to provide bibliographic citations to both the roll and the microfiche. The citations appear as usual after the abstracts in both The Information Bank and the printed Index.

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