Q: Are there any real haunted houses in the Kansas City area?

This list has been compiled from various articles out of the Vertical File Folder: Haunted Places - KC Area. For more information on any of the places listed, consult this file at Central Resource Library

**Places listed are as they appear in the articles and may or may not be standing currently.**

"Ghostly Stories from New Century Hangars," Anita Berg. Gardner News 10/27/04, pg. 3
-New Century Air Center, Gardner. Specifically hangar 43, administration building, hanger 21 (since torn down).

"Local Haunts: Area Homes Rattle with Spirits from the Hereafter," Sherri Armel. Johnson County Sun 10/17/90, pg. 1, 7
-199th & Metcalf Ave - Stillwell
-Old Stanley Hotel, 152nd St & Metcalf
-5905 Slater
-Loomis House, 8325 Johnson Dr.
-Johnson County Industrial Airport

"Investigator Checked Out Alleged Hauntings in Johnson County Area, "Sherri Armel. Johnson County Sun 10/17/90, pg. 7
-Although this article mentions several haunted houses, no specific locations are given.
-This article also mentions Maurice Schwalm, a member of the American Society for Psychical Research, and the Mensa Education and Research Foundation. He did several studies and investigations, and his papers were part of the Occult Studies articles that appeared in "Mension," (the magazine of the Mid-America Mensa) during the late 70's and early 80's.

"The Phantom of Sauer Castle," John Hughes. Kansas City Star, Star Magazine 10/25/87
-Sauer Castle
-Johnson County Executive Airport
-Epperson House, University of Missouri-Kansas City
-Coates House Hotel
-Spanish Chapel, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
-Jesse James Farm
-Bent-Ward House, 1032 W. 55th St.
-Longview Farm
-Old UMKC PLayhouse
-former Gilles Opera House
-former Loretto School (currently The Loretto apartments)
-Muehlebach Hotel
This article also mentions a book, Ghosts of Mid-America put together by the photographer, Maurice Schwalm, but I've found no information on a book by this title. I did find a book by Maurice Schwalm titled Mo-Kan Ghosts: the casebook of a Kansas City psychic investigator, which we have one copy of in Regional Ref at CRL.

"Epperson's Folly," ?. Kansas City Magazine v. 10, no. 5, 10/2003 p. 52-53
-Epperson House, University of Missouri-Kansas City

"A Few Hints of a Haunting Keep Harry's Spirit Alive," Donna McGuire. Kansas City Star 10/31/01 pg. A1, A6
-Truman Home, 219 N. Delaware, Independence.

"The Little Church that Survives Downtown," Sara Barker. Kansas City Star 6/9/74
-St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 13th & Holmes

These listed places are taken from various articles which are part of the collected papers of Maurice Scwalm
-The Strawberry Hill Chapel and Museum. "The Astral Shell Game," Maurice Schwalm. 1996
-Warner House, 10th 7& Pennsylvania, KCMO. "A Distinguished Haunting," Maurice Schwalm, 1997
-Sigma Nu Fraternity House, University of Kansas. "Sigma Nu: a traditional haunting," Maurice Schwalm, 1997
-Alexander Majors House. "Occult Studies: Investigation of a possible transitory haunting," Maurice Schwalm, 1983
-Park College, Parkville MO. "Chronicle of a Haunting: a dark nebula form photographed," Maurice Schwalm, 1983
-Thomas Hart Benton home, KCMO. "Occult Studies: An inadvertent "case of Phillip" haunting," Maurice Schwalm, 1988
-6800 Elmwood, KCMO. "Evidence of an image-related haunting," Maurice Schwalm, 1989.
*We have 3 copies of Maurcie Schwalms collected papers in the Vertical File at CRL.

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