Q: Where can I find listings of foreclosure properties?

There are two ways to get information on foreclosures in Johnson County:

  1. The Legal Record publishes them in their Public Notices section. The way that you can tell that it is a foreclosure notice is that there is usually a bank or mortgage company at the top of the notice and then further down you'll see Notice of Sale. Before a foreclosed property can be sold, the Public Notice about the property must be published three times. There is a second section of the Legal Record that libraries are not allowed to include in their subscription. Information about deeds and mortgages are included in this second section. It is possible for an individual to subscribe. An annual print subscription runs about $250.00 for both sections.
  2. The second (more cumbersome) way to get foreclosure info is to go to Johnson County Governemnt. Click on Agencies and Departments, then on Sheriff's Office, then on Upcoming Foreclosure Sales, then on Pending Sales. You'll see a listing with foreclosure records, with a case number noted. If you take the case numbers to the Clerk of the District Court, located in the Olathe courthouse, then you can see the case file which provides the address and records associated with the foreclosure.
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