Q: What does Cure of Ars mean?

The name "Cure of Ars" (pronounced cure-ay of ahrs) brought requests from readers of the Herald as to its meaning and origin following a story in the Nov. 26 issue.

According to Rev. Paul Kelly, pastor, the name "Cure of Ars" was chosen for the new parish to be located at 9401 Mission Road, in honor of St. John Vainney on the 100th anniversary of his death. John Vainney was a priest in the small town of Ars, France, who was sainted because of his many worth-while deeds for the people of Ars. To eliminate confusion, another church with the name "St. John" would cause, the name "Cure of Ars" was chosen which is French for "Priest of Ars".

Source: Johnson County Herald, 12/10/59(?)

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