Q: Who was the last person executed in Kansas?

The last execution in Kansas took place on 6/22/1965. Two teenagers, James D. Latham and George R. York were hanged after being convicted of multiple murders across the midwest.

The state govenor at the time was William Avery.

Source: "Kansas", Chris Moon, Topeka Capital-Journal, December 18, 2004

An article regarding the hanging can be found in the Kansas City Star, June 23, 1965: "Killers Are Changed Men as They Go To the Gallows", George Richardson III:
It begins with:
"Lansing, Kas.--They died like men. For anyone to say less of James Douglas Latham and George Ronald York would be an injustice to two young men whose proudest hour came at the end. That was the feeling at the state penitentiary early today.
Latham, 23 years old, and York, 22 were hanged on the Kansas gallows here shortly after 12:01 o'clock.
To a man, witnesses, ministers, reporters, guards and other prison officials, expressed nothing but respect for the two confessed killers of seven persons in a nationwide spree in 1961."

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