Q: Why is there an electric charging station at Central?

Johnson County Library has electric vehicle charging stations at Central and Blue Valley that can each accomodate 2 cars. The EV Charging station at the library was funded through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. It does require a credit card to activate, but does not charge the user. What users need to know: The station is activated by an RFID tag in a credit card or EV card. Not all credit cards will have the RFID tag. An RFID tagged card can be purchased from Lillypad EV for a cost of $5.00 There is no dollar charge to patrons for the electricity used; it is paid by the county. The cost of processing billing is greater than the cost of the electricity. The information on how to activate the charging stations should be provided to anyone purchasing an Electric Vehicle.

Charging Stations are also at these Johnson County Facilities:

  • Justice Annex
  • Northeast Offices
  • Youth & Family Services
  • Crime Lab
  • Sunset Office Building
  • There are also 2 charging stations in the parking lot across from the Administration Building and Courthouse operated by the City of Olathe.
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