Q: Where is the Kansas boundary?

Facts about the Kansas boundary:

  • The total length of the Kansas boundary is 1,219.01 miles.
  • Kansas ranges 3 deg. N to S, from 37 to 40 N lat., and almost 7.5 deg. E to W, from 94 deg., 37'03.4" to 102 deg., 3'02.3" W. Long.
  • The southern border is 411.18 mi. The western boundary is 207.33 mi. The northern border is 356.66 mi. The eastern boundary (MO River boundary plus eastern edge segment to 40th parallel) totals 243.84 mi.
  • Other geographical facts: The center of the state is about 15 mi. northeast of Great Bend in Barton County. The maximum distance, from the SE corner to the NW corner, is about 435 miles.
  • The great east-west distance of Kansas, approx. 7.5 degrees, means that the sun rises and sets on the eastern border approximately thirty minutes earlier than that of the western border.

Source: The Historical Atlas of Kansas, 911.781 Socolofs 1988.

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