Q: Who can help me enroll in a health insurance plan through the new Health Insurance Marketplace?

Consumers can now compare insurance options and choose a plan that is right for them through the new online Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Marketplace website, www.healthcare.gov, walks you step-by-step through the online health coverage application. It keeps track of where you are and guides you through to the end. If you have to stop your application and come back later, the Marketplace lets you re-start where you left off.

Useful information on each page explains the questions being asked, how much time each step might take, and if you'll need any forms or other documents. If you want live help while you apply, you can call the toll-free support center or chat with someone online.

In many communities, assisters will be available in person to help you apply and understand your options.  You may hear these individuals or organizations referred to as Navigators.  They are required to be unbiased and their services are free.

Johnson County Kansas residents can contact the Health Partnership Clinic at 855-886-6938 for assistance.

You can sign up for Marketplace emails and texts now to learn more about key dates, news, and updates that will prepare you to enroll.

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017     Views: 79
Answered By: Melody Kinnamon