Q: Where can I find free or low-cost health care or dental services?

KCHealthResource.org is your source to find health care options for the uninsured and underinsured in the Kansas City metro area.

The clinics listed work together to help you locate not only basic health care services, but also specialist services when they are needed. These clinics will do their best to provide you with consistent care and keep your health and medical records current.

Each of these clinics is very different. At many clinics, you must have an appointment, so call first to find out if you need an appointment and what you need to bring, such as a picture ID. Fees for services at many of the clinics are based on income and may be reduced or free if you live on a limited income and meet certain state and federal guidelines.

This guide lists clinics by location to help you find care as close to home as possible. It also lists the services you might need, such as vision care, obstetrics, child health, prescription assistance and more.

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Answered By: Melody Kinnamon