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I've updated the Axis 360 app but keep getting an error that Axis 360 has stopped. What should I do?

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2017  |  4464 Views
Topics: eBooks

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If you had a previous version of the Axis 360 app on your device, some of the data from the old version might be getting in the way. Give these solutions a try:

  1. Clear the cache for the Axis 360 app.
  2. Clear data for the Axis 360 app. (This will remove any bookmarks you may have.)
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the app. (This will remove any bookmarks you may have.)

For more information, visit the Axis 360 Frequently Asked Questions.

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Other Answers / Comments (11)

  1. Okay well I'm exhausted trying to obtain an ebook! AXIS 360 is HORRIBLE! Either demand better applications for your patrons or get rid of them! These previous comments were 8-10 months ago and it is still a problem! Axis 360 is down for good & I haven't been able to log in for longer than 3weeks... So disappointed.
    by Nicole on Jul 05, 2016.
  2. Axis 360 giving me a "charge privilege denied" error. Never seen it before but deleting app and reinstalling didn't work.
    by Jonathan on Jul 22, 2016.
  3. I encounter problems with the app at least twice a week but since the iOS update, it's daily. Now I can't get it to work at all. Usual error codes are 5000 and 2775. No code this time. I have tried the usual ( shut dow, restart, shut down device and restart). Any other suggestions?
    by Jill Koch on Aug 14, 2016.
  4. I'm constantly frustrated by Axis 360. Most of my problems come when listening to an audio book. I will be deep into it and it will stop, or not load at all.
    Another frustrating thing is choosing books for young readers. There is no ranking of books by reading level or approximate age. I guessed and downloaded 6 books for my grandson today, he was excited, then nothing would load!
    by Bobbi on Sep 13, 2016.
  5. SO frustrating! Have been jnab!e to download a book for mlote than a week. Axis 360 is NOT a value-add or even viable platform or solution! Will be complaining to my library; I hope they are not wasting money for this service.
    by Josn on Nov 16, 2016.
  6. eBook has some blank pages resulting in skipped content.
    by Larry Wilkerson on Nov 29, 2016.
  7. Well it's not getting any better. Spent two hours at the library today, with staff, trying to get a checked out book downloaded with Axis 360, to my IPad. Tried all of the previous suggestions.
    by Helenamac on Jan 24, 2017.
  8. Terrible. Glad it only allows 3 books because I kept getting access denied and an error code. I was able to finish the book I was reading. Cannot return books or take out those that are available. I'm getting messages my hold items are now available at the same time I am getting locked out. Deleted, reinstalled, and conferred with library staff. Frustrating disgusted. Going back to another better app
    by Charmaine Ruais on Mar 11, 2017.
  9. Keep getting "no internet available" message when trying to download, have deleted and reinstalled the app and still keep getting the message when i try to download a book or check out a book
    by Jimi on Apr 11, 2017.
  10. I keep getting a not connected to wifi error. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Does not make a difference.
    by Beth on Apr 13, 2017.
  11. If you try these steps and the problem still occurs, use the "Submit your question" box on this page to let us know your Library card number and the specific problem so we can investigate right away. Thanks!
    by Johnson County Library on Jun 29, 2017.

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